Marble Time! and Paper Physics now available for free

Hello everyone. I've made my games, Marble Time! and Paper Physics, available for free. 

Marble Time!!/id630866259?mt=8

Paper Physics

I found out recently that my subscription was going to run out on the 16th and so I want to make them free before they are pulled from the store so that more people are able to play it.

Still should I renew both games will continue to be free for here on.

I want to thank Calum Bowen, Marble Time!'s musician, for his music and play-testing. He did a great job with the soundtrack and gave me a good amount of feedback to Marble Time!, so I really liked working with him. You can check out his website in here:

The game's OST is available here:

Also, he's currently making music for a new game called Cloudface, which has a devlog here:

Finally, Luís Magalhães, my brother, wrote a nice text about the first Marble Time! act:·men·tum

1.  Physics: A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity.

2. Impetus of a physical object in motion.

2. Marbelle did not feel sure about the cliff. Sliding along a flat surface, now that was something she excelled at. But falling? Relinquishing control to both gravity and momentum? No, falling did not seem safe at all. And yet the allure of the cardboard box was undeniable...

3. pro·jec·tile n.: A fired, thrown, or otherwise propelled object, such as a bullet, having no capacity for self-propulsion.adj.: Capable of being impelled or hurled forward.

4. grav·i·ty n.: The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body.

5.So falling hadn't been all that bad, thought Marbelle. She reckoned she could do it again. But that platform seemed terribly wishy-washy. She wondered if she would be able to keep her balance.

6. "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes

7. Typical Archie, thought Marbelle. Just loafing around, being his usual, loafish self. How hard could it be for him to be a gentleman and get the bridge for her? Maybe if she could just give him a little push...

8. Wow! It worked! Marbelle felt ecstatic! That would teach that loaf a lesson, yes it would! And she had never been this far from home before! What were, she wondered, those rubbery-looking blocks on the floor...

9. Well, this certainly sucked. She had gotten used to flying. Now she was stuck again. Back to falling, then? But the ground didn't look stable at all.

10. Marbelle was starting to get tired now. It had been fun, venturing all the way from her little flat plain and learning how to fall, fly, balance, and push others. She felt an adventurer! But she was starting to miss her little flat plane.

11. ric·o·chet

To rebound at least once from a surface.

12. Hubble was his name, and he told Marbelle that he had been trying to reach the cardboard box for ages. He knew all about it! In ancient times, he told her, it had been used as a vehicle to stealthily cross battlefields. Nowadays of course, it was simply a mode of transportation. Could she maybe reach it, let him know how it was inside?

13. What was this? Archie was back, and he was LIVID! Such a bad sport. Marbelle knew she would have to race him for the box. There could be only one inside.

14. That was that, she guessed. Archie was so mean. She hoped she would see Hubble again, tough. Hubble had been nice to her.

That's everything for now. Hopefully I'll have new stuff to show in a couple of months (if not weeks). :)

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