Four Years

Four years ago, in this same day, I released a small game called The Escape on GameJolt. It was my first game and, while it had its flaws, I'm glad that I launched it. Since that day, I knew I wanted to continue making games. And four years later I am still happily making games and improving my skills while doing it.

Expect more content coming up in 2014. I'm full of ideas I want to craft, either in the form of videogames or something else.

Last year I had my victories and defeats. Some of the losses were caused by bad luck, others by mea culpa, but I have never given up on something I knew it was worth to pursuit, and I'm not going to start now.

The reason why I want to continue making games is because I know people enjoy playing them. And I can only be grateful for that.

So, thank you for playing. :)

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