STAR MONOLITH is a game development pseudo-studio/company/whatever.
It's made by me, Manuel Magalhães, although there are contributions from other artists (usually because of music) on my videogames.
I make videogames because I like the art form, and so I decided to make my own! I can't say that there aren't downsides to it, but I think at the end its all worth it.

My inspiration to do videogames is life. Even though I sometimes look to well designed videogames when balancing my own videogames, the inspiration to make videogames doesn't come from other videogames. Usually I get inspired by other art forms (painting, music, books, movies) or even by everyday stuff (machines, astronomy, news, nature, etc.).

Why STAR MONOLITH? I wanted a name that sounded good, that is unique, and that it didn't refer to videogames (since I don't want to *only* create videogames).

I think my strongest skill is game design, although I still got a lot to learn about it, at least in some videogame genres. I'm okay with graphics, good with programming and not so good with music.

I hope you enjoy my creations!

If you need to contact me, send me a mail to the following address: starmonolith@yahoo.com

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